Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Age homework

Find out about Matza's techniques of neutralisation and how they can apply

Complete the mind map given in class.

Due Wednesday 5th Feb

Statistics from last lesson

Peak age for offending is between 15-18
Peak age for males is 18
Peak age for females is 14
50% of all crimes are committed by people aged 21 or under
50% of secondary school aged people admit to committing crime (2002 study)

22% of 10-25 year olds admitted to committing one of 20 core crimes within the last 12 months with assault and theft being the most common (2006 survey)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Left Realism reading

You need to complete the reading and make detailed notes on Left Realism using both the Browne and Napier Press textbooks.

Use the index to find the relevant page numbers.

This must be completed, with notes and brought to lesson on Tuesday 17th December